All Eggs Adopt Me Trading Values

Eggs, boxes and gifts can be Legendary, Rare or Common. Whether or not an egg, box or gift is limited-time, rare, or in demand affects its trading value. The eggs, boxes and gifts that hatch better pets will also be worth more when trading.

Safari EggLegendary3,420Nursery – Gumball Machine
Blue EggRare2,043Easter Event 2019
Jungle EggLegendary1,900Nursery – Gumball Machine
Pink EggRare1,853Easter Event 2019
Farm EggLegendary1,663Nursery – Gumball Machine
Golden GiftLegendary1,093Christmas Event 2019
Premium Monkey BoxLegendary713Monkey Fairground Event
Christmas GiftLegendary475Christmas Event 2019
Christmas EggLegendary428Christmas Event 2019
Rat BoxLegendary331Lunar New Year Event 2020
Monkey BoxRare219Monkey Fairground Event
easter-2020-eggEaster 2020 EggCommon200Easter Event 2020
Diamond EggLegendary117Star Rewards
Bat BoxRare112Lunar New Year Event 2020
Aussie EggLegendary91Nursery – Gumball Machine
Golden EggLegendary60Star Rewards
Fossil EggLegendary41Nursery – Gumball Machine
Zodiac Minion EggLegendary40Minions Event 2022 – Gru’s Lab
Royal EggLegendary34Nursery – Sir Woofington
Wolf BoxLegendary32Halloween Event 2022
Ocean EggLegendary31Nursery – Gumball Machine
Retired EggRare30Nursery – VIP Room
Mythic EggLegendary27Nursery – Gumball Machine
Massive GiftLegendary22Adoption Island – Gifts Display
Woodland EggLegendary16Nursery – Gumball Machine
Japan EggLegendary15Nursery – Gumball Machine
Pet EggRare14Nursery – Holly
Big GiftRare10Adoption Island – Gifts Display
Small GiftCommon5Adoption Island – Gifts Display
Cracked EggCommon4Nursery – Doug
Starter EggCommonNot TradeableNursery – Sir Woofington