All Strollers Adopt Me Trading Values

Strollers can be used to transport babies or pets. There are 5 rarity levels: Legendary, Ultra Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Common. Strollers can be traded with pets, vehicles and other items.

Egg StrollerRare500Easter Event 2018
Heart StrollerRare200Valentine’s Event 2019
Quad StrollerRare180Gifts
Vampire StrollerRare170Halloween Event 2018
Cradle StrollerRare150Gifts
Baby Basket StrollerUltra Rare110Gifts
Duck StrollerUltra Rare100Gifts
Trike StrollerRare100Gifts
Race Car StrollerUltra Rare90Gifts
French Fries StrollerUltra Rare80Gifts
Unicorn StrollerUltra Rare80Gifts
Ice Cream StrollerRare80Gifts
Cannon StrollerUltra Rare70Gifts
Easter Egg StrollerUltra Rare60Easter Event 2019
Reindeer StrollerUltra Rare60Christmas Event 2019
Pizza StrollerRare60Gifts
Pumpkin StrollerRare60Halloween Event 2020
Flower StrollerUltra Rare50Spring Festival Event 2020
Airplane StrollerRare50Gifts
Half Egg StrollerUltra Rare40Easter Event 2019
Popsicle StrollerUltra Rare40Gifts
Cauldron StrollerRare40Halloween Event 2019
Hatched Egg StrollerRare40Gifts
Bunny StrollerUltra Rare35Easter Event 2019
Kangaroo StrollerUltra Rare35Gifts
Palanquin StrollerUltra Rare30Lunar New Year Event 2021
Dog House StrollerRare30Gifts
Rainbow StrollerUltra Rare25Baby Shop
Balloon StrollerUltra Rare20Baby Shop
Lunar StrollerUltra Rare20Gifts
Triple StrollerUltra Rare20Gifts
Banana StrollerRare20Gifts
Teacup StrollerLegendary15Baby Shop
Rocket Ship StrollerRare15Baby Shop
Throne StrollerRare15Baby Shop
Crystal Ball StrollerRare10Halloween Event 2022
Egyptian Chariot StrollerUltra Rare10Desert Weather Map
Red Wagon StrollerUltra Rare10Gifts
Snow Mobile StrollerUltra Rare10Snow Weather Update
Woodland Cradle StrollerUltra Rare10Gifts
Crate StrollerRare10Gifts
Egg Basket StrollerRare10Easter Event 2022
Car StrollerUncommon10Baby Shop
Double StrollerUncommon10Baby Shop
Catapult StrollerUltra Rare5Gifts
Hover StrollerUltra Rare5Baby Shop
Wheelbarrow StrollerUltra Rare5Campground
Halloween Black Witch Hat StrollerRare5Halloween Event 2021
High Heel StrollerRare5Gifts
Pelican StrollerRare5Baby Shop
Princess StrollerRare5Baby Shop
Droplet StrollerUncommon5Baby Shop
Magic Carpet StrollerUncommon5Baby Shop
Magic Moon StrollerUncommon5Baby Shop
RGB StrollerUncommon5RGB Reward Box
StrollerUncommon5Baby Shop
Default StrollerCommonNot TradeableStarting Item