All Toys Adopt Me Trading Values

Toys can be Legendary, Ultra Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Common. You can interact with toys, play fetch, jump higher and do other cool things with them. Toy values change depending on how easy they are to obtain and how many people want to trade for them.

*If you can’t find “Frisbee”, search for “Flying Disc” instead
*If you can’t find “Pet Toy” or “Chew Toy”, search for “Throw Toy” instead

Rainbow RattleRare359,100Gifts
Candy CannonLegendary10,213Robux
Flying BroomstickLegendary1,663Halloween Event 2018
Tombstone GhostifyRare1,235Halloween Event 2018
Chinese LanternUncommon300Chinese New Year Event 2018
Hugging EggRare300Easter Event 2018
Teddy SkeleRare205Halloween Event 2017
Egg RattleUncommon152Easter Event 2018
Heart RattleCommon143Valentine’s Event 2019
Reindeer OrnamentLegendary143Christmas Event 2019
Zombie Buffalo PlushUncommon119Halloween Event 2018
Crossbow Grappling HookUltra Rare110Halloween Event 2019
Elf OrnamentRare100Christmas Event 2019
Phoenix PlushUltra Rare100Gifts
Squid PlushCommon100Gifts
Witches WandUncommon100Halloween Event 2018
BanjoUncommon95Halloween Event 2019
Creator Rattle (Bethink)Uncommon95Gifts
Creator Rattle (NewFissy)Uncommon95Gifts
Fancy UmbrellaRare95Gifts
Santa OrnamentUltra Rare95Christmas Event 2019
Wooden PogoUncommon95Gifts
Banana PogoUncommon91Gifts
Inflatable SwordUncommon91Gifts
Panda PalUncommon91Chinese New Year Event 2018
Starpower WandUncommon91Gifts
Dandelion PropellerUltra Rare90Spring Festival Event 2020
Unicorn LeashUltra Rare90Pet Shop
PumpkinRare86Halloween Event 2017
Pumpkin RattleCommon86Halloween Event 2017
Snowflake OrnamentUncommon86Christmas Event 2019
Marshmallow StandUltra Rare80Robux
Anna RattleUncommon76Gifts
Creepy BalloonCommon76Halloween Event 2019
Dragon BalloonUncommon76Gifts
Fancy BalloonUncommon76Gifts
Ferris Wheel PropellerRare76Halloween Event 2019
Horse PlushCommon76Gifts
Llama PlushCommon76Gifts
Noob BalloonRare76Gifts
Reindeer PlushCommon76Gifts
Rocket PogoRare76Gifts
Staff IngredientLegendary76Premium Monkey Boxes
GliderUltra Rare75Robux
Unicorn PlushUltra Rare70Gifts
Skull DrumUltra Rare65Halloween Event 2020
Axe RattleUncommon62Halloween Event 2019
Chick PlushRare62Easter Event 2019
Christmas Cat RattleRare62Gifts
Rabbit RattleCommon62Easter Event 2019
Rainbow WandUncommon62Gifts
Skeleton Pogo StickUncommon62Halloween Event 2019
Star OrnamentUncommon62Christmas Event 2019
Throwing PumpkinUncommon62Halloween Event 2019
Money RattleUltra Rare60Gifts
Rib GuitarUltra Rare60Halloween Event 2020
Bauble BalloonCommon53Christmas Event 2019
Candy Cane Pogo StickUncommon53Christmas Event 2019
Duck BalloonRare53Gifts
Heart PlushieCommon53Valentine’s Event 2018
Marsh BalloonRare53Gifts
Monkey PogoRare53Monkey Box
Premium Monkey Box
Puppy PlushCommon53Gifts
Donut Throw ToyUltra Rare50Pet Shop
Griffin PropellerUltra Rare50Gifts
Hotdog StandUltra Rare50Robux
Magic DoorUltra Rare50Robux
Monkey PropellerUltra Rare50Monkey Fairground
Banana PlushCommon48Gifts
Cat PlushCommon48Gifts
Caticorn RattleCommon48Gifts
Chocolate Bunny BalloonRare48Easter Event 2019
Croc PlushCommon48Gifts
Elephant PlushCommon48Gifts
Marsh PlushCommon48Gifts
Octopus PlushUncommon48Gifts
Star & Moon PropellerRare48Halloween Event 2020
Telescope PogoRare48Gifts
Turkey PlushUncommon48Thanksgiving Event 2019
DiscosplosionUltra Rare45Robux
Christmas Doge RattleCommon43Christmas Event 2017
Gift Throw ToyCommon43Christmas Event 2019
Sock Chew ToyCommon43Christmas Event 2019
Grappling HookUltra Rare40Toy Shop
Ice Pick Grappling HookUltra Rare40Christmas Event 2019
Lemonade StandUltra Rare40Robux
Premium Camping TentUltra Rare35Robux
Premium Fire PitUltra Rare35Robux
Top Hat Flying DiscUltra Rare35Christmas Event 2019
Bubblegum Machine RattleUncommon34Gifts
Cookie Flying DiscUncommon34Gifts
Crown Flying DiscRare34Gifts
Elf RattleUncommon34Gifts
Flower RattleCommon34Gifts
Founder’s Key Throw ToyUncommon34Sunken Ship
Kangaroo PogoRare34Gifts
LeashUncommon34Pet Shop
Polar Bear PlushCommon34Gifts
Reindeer LeashRare34Christmas Event 2019
Santa LeashCommon34Christmas Event 2019
Sleigh Bells RattleRare34Christmas Event 2019
Futuristic GrappleUltra Rare30Star Rewards
Galaxy PropellerUltra Rare30Gifts
Moon Viewing BenchUltra Rare30Lunar New Year Event 2022
Premium Log BenchUltra Rare30Robux
Scroll IngredientUltra Rare30Monkey Fairground
Airplane PropellerUltra Rare25Gifts
Anhk PogostickUltra Rare25Desert Weather Map
Drooping Orchid PropellerUltra Rare25Gifts
Ski Pole PogoUltra Rare25Snow Weather Update
Standard Grappling HookUltra Rare25Toy Shop
Chew BallCommon22Gifts
Donut Flying DiscRare22Gifts
Easter Bunny PlushRare22Easter Event 2019
Elf PlushCommon22Christmas Event 2019
Flower Flying DiscUncommon22Spring Festival Event 2020
Lavender BundleUncommon22Spring Festival Event 2020
Ornament Throw ToyUncommon22Christmas Event 2019
Santa RattleUncommon22Christmas Event 2019
Snowball LauncherCommon22Winter Holiday Event 2020
Snowman RattleUncommon22Christmas Event 2019
Wreath Flying DiscRare22Christmas Event 2019
Astro BallUltra Rare20Pet Shop
Bone Throw ToyUncommon19Pet Shop
CandleCommon19Christmas Event 2019
Candy Cane OrnamentCommon19Christmas Event 2019
Carrot RattleUncommon19Easter Event 2019
Christmas Star Flying DiscUncommon19Christmas Event 2019
Cookie Dough PlushCommon19Christmas Event 2019
Donut RattleUncommon19Gifts
Ice Club RattleUncommon19Christmas Event 2019
Panda Flying DiscUncommon19Gifts
Pink Cat BalloonRare19Gifts
Rubber Bone Throw ToyCommon19Pet Shop
Snowflake Flying DiscRare19Christmas Event 2019
Snowman PlushCommon19Gifts
Spider Grappling HookRare19Halloween Event 2020
Sunflower RattleCommon19Spring Festival Event 2020
Bone XylophoneRare17Fossil Isle Excavation
Cactus Grappling HookRare17Gifts
Clown UmbrellaUncommon17Monkey Box
Premium Monkey Box
Flying Disc UmbrellaCommon17Gifts
Hypnotic Flying DiscUncommon17Monkey Box
Premium Monkey Box
Ice Cream PlushUncommon17Gifts
Magical Princess LeashRare17Gifts
Turkey LegCommon17Gifts
Angelic PropellerUltra Rare15Star Rewards
Briefcase IngredientRare15Monkey Box
Premium Monkey Box
Cactus BalloonUltra Rare15Desert Weather Map
Cymbal IngredientRare15Monkey Box
Premium Monkey Box
lime-slice-propellerLime Slice PropellerUltra Rare15Gifts
Lunar PogoRare15Lunar New Year Event 2021
Rose PogoRare15Gifts
Snow BalloonUltra Rare15Snow Weather Update
Cactus Plushie Chew ToyCommon12Gifts
DidgeridooRare12Star Rewards
Eyeball RattleCommon12Halloween Event 2020
Frostbite GrappleRare12Star Rewards
Heart BalloonCommon12Toy Shop
Magical Princess Chew ToyUncommon12Gifts
Amber BoneUncommon10Fossil Isle Excavation
Ammonite Flying DiscUncommon10Fossil Isle Excavation
Da Vinci PropellerRare10Star Rewards
Daisy Flying DiscUncommon10Gifts
Flying DiscUncommon10Pet Shop
Galaxy Flying DiscCommon10Gifts
GlyptoballUncommon10Fossil Isle Excavation
Golden Maned Unicorn RattleUltra Rare10Baby Shop
Lunar RattleUncommon10Lunar New Year Event 2021
Plunger Grappling HookUltra Rare10Gifts
RattleCommon10Baby Shop
Rocket Grappling HookUncommon10Gifts
Rubber Chicken RattleRare10Gifts
Rubber Dog BalloonUncommon10Gifts
Satellite BalloonUncommon10Gifts
Shuttle PogoUltra Rare10Gifts
Spinning PropellerRare10Toy Shop
Tangerine Chew ToyUncommon10Lunar New Year Event 2021
T-Rex RattleCommon10Fossil Isle Excavation
TrumpetUncommon10Star Rewards
Venus Fly Trap RattleCommon10Gifts
Crystal Ball RattleUncommon8Halloween Event 2020
Holiday Breadstick Chew ToyUncommon8Winter Holiday Event 2020
Vampire Teeth Grappling HookLegendary5Halloween Event 2022
Boomerang Throw ToyUncommon4Gifts
Candy Cane Chew ToyUncommon4Winter Holiday Event 2020
ClawCommon4Fossil Isle Excavation
Dog Food Flying DiscCommon4Gifts
Dog LeashRare4Gifts
Doge RattleCommon4Baby Shop
GuitarRare4Camping Store
Ice Cream RattleCommon4Gifts
Long Neck Throw ToyCommon4Fossil Isle Excavation
Magic Wand Grappling HookRare4Gifts
Medieval GrappleUncommon4Star Rewards
Mouse Chew ToyUncommon4Gifts
Mouse LeashUncommon4Gifts
Newspaper Chew ToyUncommon4Gifts
Peppermint DiscCommon4Winter Holiday Event 2020
Potion Bottle BalloonCommon4Halloween Event 2022
Skull PropellerRare4Halloween Event 2022
Soccer Ball Throw ToyCommon4Gifts
Squid RattleUncommon4Baby Shop
Stegosaurus Throw ToyCommon4Fossil Isle Excavation
T-Rex Throw ToyCommon4Fossil Isle Excavation
Unicorn RattleUncommon4Baby Shop
Bat Wing BalloonUncommon3Halloween Event 2022
Pumpkin Basket PlushieUncommon3Halloween Event 2022
Armchair FloatUncommon2Gifts
Burger BalloonUncommon2Gifts
Clouds & Rainbow RattleRare2Baby Shop
Controller BalloonUncommon2Gifts
Cool Flying DiscUncommon2Pet Shop
Drone PropellerUncommon2Star Rewards
Duck RattleCommon2Baby Shop
Flying Saucer DiscUncommon2Gifts
Fun Flying DiscUncommon2Pet Shop
Inner TubeCommon2Pool Store
Key Chew ToyUncommon2Pet Shop
Lead Zeppelin BalloonCommon2Gifts
Llama RattleUncommon2Baby Shop
Mermaid FloatUncommon2Pool Store
Pizza FloatRare2Pool Store
Pogo StickCommon2Toy Shop
Potato Chew ToyRare2Gifts
PropellerRare2Toy Shop
Protein Bottle RattleUncommon2Gifts
Rope Chew ToyRare2Gifts
Space Grappling HookRare2Gifts
Spider Web Flying DiscCommon2Halloween Event 2022
Stick Throw ToyCommon2Gifts
Teddy BearCommon2Toy Shop
Zombie Finger RattleCommon2Halloween Event 2022
Banana RattleCommon1Baby Shop
BongosUncommon1Camping Store
Bunny PlushUncommon1Easter Event 2019
Celestial LeashCommon1Gifts
FlashlightUncommon1Camping Store
FloatiesCommon1Pool Store
Floppy Bunny PlushieCommon1Toy Shop
Huggable PillowCommon1Gifts
Lazy FloatCommon1Pool Store
Plate of Food DiscUncommon1Gifts
Pool NoodleCommon1Pool Store
Princess RattleUncommon1Gifts
Raw BoneCommon1Pet Shop
Shoe Chew ToyCommon1Pet Shop
Soda Chew ToyCommon1Gifts
SparklerUncommon1Camping Store
Squeaky BoneCommon1Pet Shop
Squeaky SpikeyUncommon1Pet Shop
Star BallRare1Pet Shop
Star BalloonCommon1Toy Shop
Steel DrumUncommon1Star Rewards
Sun BalloonCommon1Gifts
Tennis BallUncommon1Pet Shop
Antler Chew ToyUncommon0Unknown
Candy Cane Throw ToyUncommon0Unknown
Christmas OrnamentCommon0Unknown
Football Throw ToyRare0Pet Shop
Icicle Throw ToyCommon0Unknown
Standard PogoCommon0Toy Shop
Voting PaddleCommon0Unknown
Musical ConchCommonUntradeableOceans Day Stand