Fun Corner

Welcome to the Fun Corner!
Here we will add Word Searches, Puzzles, Quizzes and Crosswords!
Test your Adopt Me knowledge while having fun!

  • Word Search – Vehicles!

    Word Search – Vehicles!

    Vroom vroom! Help us find all the vehicles in the word search below!

  • Word Search – Eggs!

    Word Search – Eggs!

    Can you find all the eggs before they hatch? Search for all the different types of eggs we have listed below!

  • Word Search – Food!

    Word Search – Food!

    Yum, yum, yum! All this food is making me hungry! Find all the Adopt Me foods in this word search!

  • Word Search – Pet Wear!

    Word Search – Pet Wear!

    The theme for this word search is pet wear – make sure to find them all!

  • Word Search – Pets!

    Word Search – Pets!

    You may be able to collect all these pets, but can you find them in the word search below? The theme of this word search is pets, pets and more pets!

  • Word Search – Strollers!

    Word Search – Strollers!

    Can you spot all the stroller words in the word search below? Make sure to find them all!

  • Word Search – Toys!

    Word Search – Toys!

    Toys are fun, but so is this word search based on Adopt Me toys. Find them below!