All Foods Adopt Me Trading Values

Food can be used to cure a baby or pet’s hunger and sickness. Potions can give pets ride and fly abilities. Some food items, such as Honey or the Mud Ball, can even be used to tame different types of pets! There are 5 food rarity levels: Legendary, Ultra Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Common. Foods that are limited-time or from special events are worth the most.

Chocolate EggCommon500Easter Event 2018
Water Walking PotionRare400Sky Castle
Candy CaneCommon300Christmas Event 2017
Heart PotionUncommon200Valentine’s Event 2019
Broken EggLegendary190Easter Event 2019
Teleportation PotionUncommon180Christmas Event 2018
Dim SumCommon180Chinese New Year Event 2018
Golden ClamLegendary170Robux
Levitation PotionUltra Rare160Sky Castle
Fly-A-Pet Potion (Forever)Legendary155Robux
Ride-A-Pet Potion (Forever)Legendary150Robux
Snowflake PotionUncommon150Christmas Event 2018
CookieCommon130Coffee Shop
Ice TubCommon130Sweet Street Event 2018
ChocolateCommon100Sweet Street Event 2018
Chocolate DropCommon100Sweet Street Event 2018
Chocolate TwistCommon100Sweet Street Event 2018
Stars EggUncommon80Easter Event 2019
Diamond LavenderLegendary60Robux
Golden GoldfishLegendary60Robux
Patterns EggUncommon60Easter Event 2019
Stripes EggUncommon60Easter Event 2019
Cure All PotionRare45Christmas Event 2019
Cotton CandyCommon45Monkey Fairground
Blueberry PieCommon40Green Groceries
CakeCommon40Green Groceries
SodaCommon40Green Groceries
TacoCommon40Green Groceries
Grow PotionRare30Sky Castle
Translucent Tea Potion (10 min)Rare30Sky Castle
Big Brew Potion (10 min)Rare20Sky Castle
Small Sip Potion (10 min)Rare20Sky Castle
Anti-gravity PotionUncommon10Sky Castle
LollipopCommon10Candy Cannon
Ice LollyRare5Snow Weather Update
KnafehRare5Desert Weather Map
Pet TreatUncommon5Pet Shop
AppleCommon5Farm Shop
Baby BottleCommon5Baby Shop
Baby FormulaCommon5Baby Shop
Big Head PotionCommon5Sky Castle
Candy CornCommon5Candy Cannon
CheeseCommon5Green Groceries
Chocolate MilkCommon5Green Groceries
CoffeeCommon5Coffee Shop
DonutCommon5Furniture Catalog
Green Tea CupCommon5Furniture Catalog
HamCommon5Green Groceries
Healing AppleCommon5Hospital
Honey CandyCommon5BEES! Blaster
HotdogCommon5Farm Shop
Hyperspeed PotionCommon5Sky Castle
Ice CreamCommon5Ice Cream Parlor
Jasmine Tea CupCommon5Furniture Catalog
LemonadeCommon5Lemonade Stand
Marshmallow On A StickCommon5Campground
MooncakeCommon5Moon Festival Stand
Oolong Tea CupCommon5Furniture Catalog
Pet FoodCommon5Pet Shop
PizzaCommon5Furniture Catalog
PopcornCommon5Green Groceries
Raspberry PieCommon5Green Groceries
SandwichCommon5Starting the Game
SeaweedCommon5World Oceans Day
S’mores CookieCommon5Campground
TeaCommon5Coffee Shop
WaterCommon5Farm Shop
WatermelonCommon5Farm Shop
Starter AppleCommon0Starting the Game
Teacher’s AppleCommon0School
VIP Chocolate MilkCommonNot TradeableVIP Room
VIP HamCommonNot TradeableVIP Room
VIP PopcornCommonNot TradeableVIP Room
VIP WaterCommonNot TradeableVIP Room