All Pet Wear Adopt Me Trading Values

Pet wear, sometimes called pet accessories, can be used to dress up your pet. Your pet can wear hats, wings, backpacks and other cool accessories. Pet wear values will depend on things like rarity and demand. Pet wear can be categorized into Legendary, Ultra Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Common rarity levels.

Pet WearNameRarityValueFrom
Santa HatUltra Rare300Santa Dog
Rainbow MakerLegendary200Accessory Chest
Monkey King CrownUltra Rare110Monkey Fairground
Nest of EggsLegendary110Accessory Chest
Sandwich HatLegendary110Accessory Chest
Toaster HatLegendary110Accessory Chest
Kitsune MaskRare100Monkey Fairground
Witch HatRare100Hat Shop
Elf HatRare90Elf Hedgehog
Elf Shrew
Golden Walrus CrownLegendary90Christmas Event 2021
Growing Flower HatLegendary90Gifts
Ice WingsUltra Rare80Christmas Event 2020
Blue Cat Ear HeadphonesUltra Rare70Hat Shop
Chicken HatRare70Hat Shop
magnifying-glassMagnifying GlassCommon65Scoob Event
Adventurer’s SwordUltra Rare60Robux
Bat WingsUltra Rare60Hat Shop
Black HightopsUltra Rare60Hat Shop
Buzz Off! SkateboardRare60Hat Shop
Fez HatUltra Rare60Monkey Fairground
Firey AuraRare60Hat Shop
HandheldRare60Pet Shop
Head TieRare60Monkey Fairground
Leaf WingsUltra Rare60Hat Shop
Moon TomeUltra Rare60Hat Shop
Pirate Hat & FriendUltra Rare60Robux
RoseUncommon60Hat Shop
Sun TomeUltra Rare60Hat Shop
Watermelon HatCommon60Hat Shop
Witch BroomUncommon60Hat Shop
CassetteRare55Hat Shop
Cosy Snow HatUltra Rare55Snow Weather Update
Detective HatCommon55Scoob Event
Festive Tree HatUncommon55Hat Shop
Gold ChainRare55Hat Shop
Gold TiaraUncommon55Hat Shop
Green LotusRare55Hat Shop
Ice CrownRare55Christmas Event 2020
Ice EarringsRare55Christmas Event 2020
Jade Moth WingsUltra Rare55Hat Shop
Jeff’s Name TagRare55Hat Shop
NemesUltra Rare55Desert Weather Map
Ninja HeadbandUncommon55Hat Shop
Shadow ShurikenRare55Hat Shop
ShurikenUncommon55Hat Shop
Sun & Moon EarringsRare55Hat Shop
Watermelon BackpackRare55Hat Shop
Wizard HatRare55Hat Shop
Flowery Hair BowRare50Hat Shop
Froggy HatUncommon50Hat Shop
Adventurer’s HoodRare45Robux
Bewitched HatRare45Hat Shop
Black Designer BackpackUltra Rare45Hat Shop
Black FedoraUncommon45Hat Shop
Bunny Ear TiaraLegendary45Easter Event 2021
Chick HatRare45Easter Event 2021
Conductor HatUncommon45Hat Shop
Cowboy HatCommon45Hat Shop
Fancy Top HatRare45Hat Shop
First Aid BagUncommon45Hat Shop
Flamenco HatRare45Hat Shop
Gold Circle GlassesUncommon45Robux
Head ChefRare45Hat Shop
HeadbandCommon45Hat Shop
JetpackUltra Rare45Hat Shop
Leprechaun HatRare45Hat Shop
LuggageUncommon45Hat Shop
Marching Band CapUncommon45Hat Shop
Puddleducks HoodUltra Rare40Chests
Tiny WingsUltra Rare40Chests
Bee WingsUltra Rare35Hat Shop
BeretUncommon35Hat Shop
Black PurseUncommon35Hat Shop
Blue Butterfly WingsUltra Rare35Hat Shop
Bone WingsLegendary35Fossil Isle Excavation
Chef HatUncommon30Hat Shop
Cherry EarringsRare30Hat Shop
Crescent Moon Head OrnamentLegendary30Halloween Event 2022
Egg GlassesUltra Rare30Easter Event 2021
Flower CrownRare30Hat Shop
Golden HeadsetRare30Hat Shop
Bear Winter HatCommon25Hat Shop
Black 5 Panel CapUncommon25Pet Shop
Black BootsRare25Hat Shop
Black Cozy HoodUncommon25Hat Shop
Brown Cozy HoodCommon25Hat Shop
Bat BackpackUltra Rare15Halloween Event 2022
Ghost Kitty BackpackUltra Rare15Halloween Event 2022
Planchette Hair ClipRare5Halloween Event 2022
Ghost HatRare4Halloween Event 2022
Spider Web CrownUncommon3Halloween Event 2022
Bat Candy EarringsCommon2Halloween Event 2022
Candy Corn HatCommon2Halloween Event 2022