Adopt Me Halloween Event 2022

Adopt Me Halloween Event 2022

It’s that time of the year again – Halloween is upon us! The Adopt Me Halloween Event for 2022 officially launched on October 6th! Find out everything you need to know below!


The special event currency is Candy, just like previous years. You can get Candy by playing any of the mini-games below or by using Robux. Candy can be used to buy Halloween pets, toys, pet wear and other items!

New Halloween Mini-games

There are three mini-games you can play in this year’s event. They are:

  • Spleef – stay on the tiles and don’t get knocked off! Earn up to 4,500 Candy from this game!
  • Chickatrice Says – listen to Chickatrice and the Evil Unicorn and go to the right island! You can score up to 5,800 Candy here!
  • Hide & Seek – hide from the seekers or seek the hiders! Earn up to 4,750 Candy in this game!

New Halloween Eggs/Gifts

  • Wolf Box

New Halloween Pets

  • Ghost Wolf
  • Zombie Wolf
  • Lava Wolf
  • Slug
  • Chickatrice
  • Basilisk
  • Evil Chickatrice
  • Evil Basilisk
  • Chimera
  • Lava Dragon

New Halloween Toys

  • Zombie Finger Rattle
  • Spider Web Flying Disc
  • Potion Bottle Balloon
  • Bat Wing Balloon
  • Pumpkin Basket Plushie
  • Skull Propeller
  • Vampire Teeth Grappling Hook

New Halloween Strollers

  • Crystal Ball Stroller

New Halloween Pet Wear/Accessories

  • Bat Candy Earrings
  • Candy Corn Hat
  • Spider Web Crown
  • Ghost Hat
  • Planchette Hair Clip
  • Ghost Kitty Backpack
  • Bat Backpack
  • Crescent Moon Head Ornament

New Halloween Vehicles

  • Throwing Knife Target
  • Unicorn Zombie Ponycycle
  • Headless Horseman’s Biplane
  • Shadow Rider

Now you know all about this year’s Halloween Event – Happy Halloween!