Star Pets Adopt Me

Star Pets Adopt Me

UPDATE: We have added more articles about StarPets, check them out at Is StarPets Safe and Legit, or a Scam? and Star Pets or StarPets gg!

What is StarPets gg?

You may have heard of StarPets, or – which is a website where you can buy and sell Adopt Me pets and eggs.

Star Pets calls itself:

How to use Star Pets?

First you need to sign up on the website. Then, you need to top up your account with REAL money. Then you can add the pet or egg you want to your shopping cart, and then click “buy”. After that, you follow the steps on the screen. The website will find a bot in a special server that will give you those items you just purchased, through a trade. You can also sell pets using a similar method. Except this time you give your pets to the bot, in exchange for money.

Is Star Pets a scam?

There is not much information available online about Star Pets, apart from what is on their own website. While we cannot say for sure if Star Pets is a scam, we do not recommend buying or selling pets with real money. We can only recommend spending real money on the official Roblux website, and using it for Robux instead. There is always a risk with unofficial websites that aren’t supported by Adopt Me or Roblox. An alternative marketplace is Traderie, which does not involve real money. Check out our Adopt Me Traderie guide here.