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The website is an online ‘shop’ where you can buy and sell Adopt Me pets, eggs, potions and vehicles. In this article we talk about this website and also some questions you may have.

StarPets Discord

Discord is an online voice, video, and text chat platform. If you want to connect with others and talk about similar interests such as Adopt Me, you can do so. If you are wondering if there is a discord for StarPets, because you are curious about it, you can check out:

How to add money on StarPets

First, you click on the “+” icon in the top right hand corner of the website. Then you select your payment method, and amount on the screen. You need to use real money to add it to your StarPets account. There are many payment methods available, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Finally, you click on the “TOPUP” button. You can see this in the video in the next section on how to buy pets.

How to buy pets on StarPets

After signing up, you can add the pet or item you want to buy to your shopping cart. Then you click “buy” and follow the on-screen instructions. You must then find and trade with a bot located in a special StarPets server which will give you what you bought. Here is their official video on how to buy pets using their service:

How to sell pets on StarPets

You can also sell pets using a similar method to buying, which we explained above. However, here is a tutorial video on how to sell from the official account:

StarPets gg Payment Methods

There are several payment methods available on Star Pets if you need to top up your account to buy pets. They include:

  • Visa World Cards GameMoney
  • ecoPayz
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Tether
  • GameMoney

StarPets gg Australia and New Zealand

There are many Adopt Me players from Australia and New Zealand wondering about StarPets. There is no option to select Australian or New Zealand currency at the moment. You can only select 1 of 3 currencies:

  • US Dollar – $
  • Euro – €
  • Peso – ₱

There is one review on Trustpilot saying Apple Pay does not work in New Zealand. There are some reviews saying that there is no flag option for Australia and there are payment issues.

StarPets gg UK (United Kingdom)

There is no option to select the Pound Sterling (£) currency on the website, only the 3 currencies mentioned above. There are no comments from users mentioning the UK on Trustpilot about StarPets.

Star Pets Codes

Promo codes or discount codes can sometimes give free items or discounts on purchases. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any codes for right now.

StarPets – More Info!

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