Adopt Me Spacehome Update Is Out Now!

New Space-Themed Pets

On the 30th June, Adopt Me released a brand new update! This update is called the Spacehome Update and includes the following:

  • Two new space-themed pets
  • A new Space Fleet House
  • New space-themed furniture

What are the new pets?

The first space-themed pet is called the Space Whale, it is Ultra Rare and can only be purchased for 2,499 Bucks. It looks like a blue whale with antennas, and it also has a black belly with stars – how cool is that?!

The second space-themed pet is called the Capricorn, and it is of Legendary rarity. Unfortunately, you cannot buy it separately – you must purchase it in a bundle with the Space Fleet House for 1,250 Robux. The Capricorn is purple in appearance and like the whale, it also has a belly that looks like outer space!

What is the new Space Fleet House?

New Space Fleet House

The new Space Fleet House comes in a bundle with the Capricorn pet as mentioned before. There are three levels in the house. The largest level is a special anti-gravity floor. With the update also comes new space furniture, which you can decorate your new space home with!

Check out the value of the new pets HERE!