Adopt Me Water Walking Potion

Water Walking Potion Banner

What is the Water Walking Potion?

The Water Walking Potion is a Rare potion in the Adopt Me game. It could be bought for a limited amount of time for 80 Bucks from the Sky Castle. It is dark blue in appearance, and looks like a potion bottle that is wider on the bottom and narrower at the top.

What does the Water Walking Potion do?

When you drink the potion, a light blue cloud is emitted from your Adopt Me character. Afterwards, it grants your character the ability to walk in water! So, instead of floating or swimming when you are in water, you can actually walk along the bottom of a body of water!

How to get the Water Walking Potion?

Now, this is the hard part. It is said that this item was only available for less than a day in 2017. That’s right – in 2017! This was the same year the Adopt Me game was released! Initially, you could buy it from the Sky Castle for 80 Bucks. However, you can now only get it through trading with other players who have it. Because it is so limited, you may never see this item available for trading at all!

How much is the Water Walking Potion worth?

Check out our Food Values page to see the current estimated value of the Water Walking Potion. As it is rare and limited-time only, it is almost always one of the most valuable food items.