We look at the TOP 10 RAREST PETS, EVER RELEASED – according to the creators of AdoptMe! That’s right, this is the official, top 10 rarest list of pets that was compiled by their data analysts!

10. The Business Monkey

The Business Monkey was released in the Monkey Fairground Event of May 2020. It was one of six new monkey pets added. To get this pet, one needed to find 3 rare Briefcase Ingredients from Monkey Boxes, as well as a Monkey pet. You could then transform a normal Monkey into a Business Monkey. There were a total of 649,676 Business Monkeys equipped on log out.

9. The Blue Dog

The Blue Dog could be obtained from hatching a Blue Egg. It was only available for a limited time during the Easter Update 2019. One needed to complete a secret quest from Eggburt (a limited-time NPC), in order to get the Blue Egg. There were a total of 634,113 Blue Dogs equipped on log out, making this number 9 on this rare list!

8. The Puffin

The Puffin is another rare pet that you could only get from an event – the Winter Holiday Event 2021, to be exact. It cost 120,000 Gingerbread to purchase. Gingerbread could be earned through playing the special event games in the update. The Puffin was only equipped 615,136 times.

7. The Capybara

The Capybara was added as part of the Jungle Egg in August 2019. It cost 750 Bucks from the Nursery when it was on sale. Unfortunately, the Jungle Egg is no longer available, which is why this pet is number 7 on this list and so hard to get! Only 414,836 Capybara pets were equipped upon people logging out.

6. The Platypus

The Platypus is another pet from the Jungle Egg, and it is based on the Australian egg-laying mammal. This mammal looks like half-duck and half-otter! There was a lower chance of hatching this pet compared to the Capybara. 407,120 Platypus pets were equipped which is equal to only 0.04% of all log outs.

5. The Monkey King

Just like the Business Monkey, to get the Monkey King you needed to obtain three ingredients and combine it with a regular Monkey. Except this time they were Staff Ingredients from Premium Monkey Boxes. As Staff Ingredients were difficult to get even from the Premium Monkey Boxes, it was hard to get three of them. This is why the Monkey King is one of the rarest pets ever in Adopt Me. Only 393,418 Monkey King pets were equipped when players logged out.

4. The Musk Ox

The Musk Ox was released as a limited-time pet during the Winter Holiday Event 2020. You could have purchased this pet for only 3,500 Gingerbread, which was the special event currency. The Musk Ox looks like a brown Ox with curled horns. This pet was equipped 374,221 times during the event.

3.  The Wild Boar

Number 3 on this list is the Wild Boar pet. Part of the reason it is so rare is because it was found in one of the game’s first eggs – the Safari Egg – all the way back in 2019! As such, not many players today would have this pet in their collection. The Wild Boar was only equipped 237,783 times, which is a tiny 0.02% of all log outs.

2. The Gold Scarab

The runner up to first place is the Gold Scarab! This pet is obtained from a Mud Ball with a 2.5% hatch rate. Not only that, Mud Balls can only be bought from the Desert Shop which appears only once a month! The Gold Scarab was only equipped a mere 171,819 times upon log out, which equates to 0.02% of all logouts – this is why it is number 2 on the list.

1. The Diamond Albatross

Drum roll! Finally, number 1 in the top 10 rarest pets ever released – according to Adopt Me themselves, is … the Diamond Albatross! The Diamond Albatross can only be obtained by buying a Golden Clam from the Snowy Igloo Shop. What makes it hard to get this pet is the fact that it only has a 2.5% hatch rate from the Golden Clam, and the fact that the Golden Clam can only be purchased for a limited time, once per month! So you’ll have to be VERY lucky to get one! Only 91,527 Diamond Albatross’s were equipped on players logging out – which is a miniscule 0.01% of all log outs!

It’s no wonder that many of these pets on this list are worth A LOT! To see their trading values head on over to our All Pets Adopt Me Trading Values page!

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